Super Blue Blood Moon

There’s something about these special astronomical events that won’t occur again in my lifetime. On January 31, 2018, we were fortunate to witness a Super Blue Blood Moon. That is a full moon that is

  1. A Blue Moon, the second full moon of a month
  2. A Super Moon, one at the closest point of it’s orbit to Earth
  3. A Blood Moon, in other words, a full lunar eclipse

So I packed up the camera, the tripod, and the dog, and headed out to Baylands. I would have gone to the ocean, up on the bluff south of Moss Beach, but I checked the weather (fortunately), and it was foggy. We had a great time in the early morning dew. The eclipse lasted well over an hour for us. Curiously, the colors came out more vivid than I saw in the night sky.

Super Blue Blood Moon

Later on, around 6:30, I took this image from my driveway just as the moon was setting over the western hills. Total occlusion was over, and the sliver of light lit up the tree branches nicely.

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