Beauty is the courage of a wildflower blooming in the harsh desert; the vastness of the night sky unpolluted by our lights; the sunlight playing off of a cat’s fur; the light in the eye of the beholder.

Picasso said it took him years to learn to draw like a child. May we all know how to dance in the light like children.


Capture One Review – Part 2: Picks and Variants

I was intrigued by the idea of Capture One Sessions. This looked like the perfect analogue of my concept of a project. Sessions have a capture folder, a selects folder, an output folder, and a trash folder. Great! I can create a session, import all my candidates into...

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Capture One Review – Part 1

I've been looking around for something that I can use to replace Lightroom -- it's always nice to have options. I finally bit the bullet and bought Capture One by Phase One Software. I had heard about how good its raw conversion was, and I also had heard that it was...

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Luminar 4 review

So, I got a copy of Luminar 4 a few days early. I really, really want to like it; I really do. But..... I'm sorry, it's a resource hog. Perhaps this will improve with subsequent patch releases, but right now, it's taking way too long to process things. And I'm not on...

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